The London Hotel – New York, USA

New York, New York its a hell of a town… but also very confusing when it comes to hotels.

Should I go for new urban cool in the Meat Packing District? Trendy in Tribecca? Upper class on the Upper West? Choices, choices and frankly too many.

Truthfully, the great thing about New York is that everything is reachable (through traffic) on a grid system which is pretty easy to navigate.


This hotel is a little (actual London) London splendour which has that downtown cool without sacrificing the uptown views or luxury feel.

The Restaurants:

It also plays host to restaurant, Maze by Gordon Ramsay (Much like the Maze in London and GR can do no wrong in my eyes) and the London bar.

The London Bar is used for the Breakfast Room, then in the afternoon for nibbles (I am a big fan of mid afternoon nibbles) and some serious pre dinner, or pre bed cocktails in the evening.

They tout it as “Grown up luxury in an energetic setting”. Thats a pretty good description, though I should draw extra attention to the cocktail staff who are always on the mark with their knowledge and suggestions.

Set in Midtown (a fairly obvious compromise in terms of distance and setting), you are close to 5th Avenue, Broadway, MoMa, Central Park etc.

The Rooms:

Depending on which room you go for, the view of Central Park is fabulous! It is actually Manhattan’s tallest and aptly placed hotel, and so while the Park is what gets your eye, you can also look over the whole city Skyline.

Very cool with rounded banquette sofas that fill the entire window alcove. Modern floor lamps and touches make you feel that you’re in a high spec design hotel and the beds are so comfortable that you wont want to get up in the morning without good reason.

My Tip? Request a Park facing room… Especially if you’ve got a high floor as the view is pretty spectacular/

The thing is, as much as I like to hang out in Greenwich Village, catch up with friend in Soho, spend the day in Tribecca, do I want to stay there? I am unsure. Would I want to stay here? Without a doubt….. I am London to the very core.