Here is the Skinny:

A Refined Carnivore with a penchant for a cocktail, the Skinny Traveller is forever in search of the next Restaurant/Flavour/Hotel/Bar

A London born girl with a love of eggs, meat and Sarcasm

London to the core.

Gin & Bone

Gin and Bone is a guide to the best, most exciting and most unique restaurants, bars and pop-ups worldwide.

The restaurant scene is ever evolving and it is hard to see the “good” from the “good PR”.

Gin and Bone will bring you the skinny on the most trendy, most unique and most exciting restaurants and bars to keep you one step ahead of the food evolution.

We let you enjoy the Spoils without the hunt

“Eat or be Eaten”

The Skinny Traveller

The Skinny traveller Hotel-hops to find you the best hotels for your tastes around the globe.

Forever in search of the perfect pad, the hippest hotel or reclusive resort, the Skinny Traveller will endeavour to get the skinny on your type of holiday.

From city to beach, or ski to surf, (Though not actually surfing) its good to know where to go.

“Stay Your Way” 

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