Piggy Play-Day

I love pigs. I dont know what it is about them that I find so sweet, but I do. Perhaps because they are like dogs with cuter feet and noses? Or perhaps because they are essentially a free truffle supplier, I dont know, but I have always found them adorable.

A couple of months ago, a friend said to me, “I just wish there was somewhere closer than Exumas in the Bahamas to go and pet them”… Well my trotter loving friends, there is… and its in Amersham (Shout out to North London). I am talking about Kew Little Pigs.

This place is your petting dream and not only is it great for you, its good for the piggies too. (If the word piggy offends you, then we probably shouldn’t be friends).

There are over 60 pigs there and they are treated better than most London spa customers.

I got to spend a morning with them… as in in the pens with them, some apples, a brush, and some steady footing. (This not helped by me rocking up in suede boots to which I received eye rolls and a “Its January…. on a pig farm”. Fair. Luckily, owner Olivia was on hand as hero with the wellies.

So the reason behind the name? “Kew” was the owner Olivia’s first ever pig. Starting as a small piglet, Kew is now bigger than an small arm chair but just as sweet.

In addition, awesome Olivia gives you a porcine crash course in everything pig including their habits, family life and which are “In Pig” (pregnant) and when.

Now, I need to be clear about the “micro pig” term. If you are going expecting to see tea-cup pigs then either go when they are just born or you will be disappointed. Despite being the leading breeder of micro-pigs, this literally just means that they are breeding the smallest pigs to create smaller pigs.

However, if you are planning on taking one home (not from here) and popping it on your sofa…. IT. WILL. GROW.

You will end up with a pig the size of a dog or larger and it will undoubtedly eat your chaise-lounge and Mario Testino coffee table book.

These piglets are super friendly and love attention, brushing and selfies (and apples). I fell a little in love with them and grew quite attached to the little pink one (Dobby) and was actually quite sad to leave them after an hour or so.

This is genuinely the closest that you will get to spending quality time with pigs and piglets and is totally at the pamper favour of the pigs.

It is not just pigs that reside on the farm but horses and goats also. One in particular who seems to have been offered PPI one too many times.

We were lucky enough to experience both the Luxury Pig Spa and Muddy Pig packages which consisted of getting muddy with the pigs in the morning, afternoon tea and then a mud rasul spa treatment in the afternoon.

I am no friend of the carbs, but sometimes, just sometimes a girl has got to get her scone on, you know? So we had a stop off at the famous Kings Arms (Used in Four Weddings and a Funeral) for some afternoon tea.

Scones and Afternoon Tea - Kings Arms Amersham

So, what is the best thing to do after eating your weight in carbs? Obviously jump into a bikini and go to a spa.

To continue the mud theme, we had a “Mud Rasul” which is essentially a self application of cleansing mud and then a 20 minute steam room to let it really soak in. Then swanning around the spa for the afternoon.

They are developing the farm to add a play pen, a Summer seating area and are also currently in talks to become the breeder for the swimming pigs in Exumas. (They are currently the size of a single bed and are becoming a little dangerous to breed).

If you love pigs (I love pigs) then this is for you. Truthfully, it would have been slightly easier in the Summer months to deal with the mud and I will 100% be heading back there for the Summers first litter of piglets.

So…Get in touch with them. Tell them I sent you and you want the “suede boot city girls” package lol.

Kew Little Pigs – Old Amersham Farm, Bucks, HP7 0HR – +44 (0)7904 617 650