Its a dogs life

Its a Dogs Life… 

I love dogs. Like LOVE dogs. I am the sort of person who will lose focus in a conversation because I’ve been distracted by a sweet puppy in the distance and then point and say  “Sorry, but look at that doggy” as if it excuses my distraction. I will do this without change, because I love woofies. Maybe more so because I am not home enough to have on of my own. 

However, my biggest internal conflict is that I also love weekend brunch. Like, I think about it frequently during the week and have previously gotten visibly angry because someone booked a “Sunday lunch” at 1:30pm for roast beef. At Brunch time?! (They can literally do one).  

Labrador Dinner Table

Brunch and puppies is the issue. Coffee, cake, picnics and low key naming days ? Oui! … but brunch, dinner or cocktails…Non. Why? For many reasons… 

Firstly, they malt… and as much as I love a pup, finding a red setter hair in my huevos rancheros is far from delightful. What’s that I hear? “But mine is hypoallergenic and hardly malts”… Be real, unless your dog is 100% skin, they all malt even if just a little.

Secondly, I can’t pet the puppy if I am eating eggs benedict. 

Lastly, Most places that allow pups at a dining table don’t exactly lend itself to a 6 hour bottomless brunch catch ups. It is mostly pubs, independent coffee shops and hotel lobbies that allow them and while some dog owners are happy to spend a quick 45mins throwing back their miniature smashed avocado so that Bitsy the Pomeranian can go for a pee, there seems no saviour or sanity for those that aren’t… Until now.


The clever people at M have started a “Dine with your Dog” brunch… Every weekend, you can rock up with your pooch and have them either sit next to you or, have them prepare a “6 legs menu” with 2 courses for you and 2 for your woofie.


Now, I must add while I still am not totally on board with dogs in restaurants, thankfully I can do so in a nice restaurant, with good food that I have previously had a great steak in. 

Dog days are over.