Bistrotheque – London

The first task will be to actually find this place.

Set back just a hipsters throw from Bethnal Green & London Fields, this unassuming doorway comes to you in the form of white alleyway. Truthfully, we only knew it was there from the smell of tempting food that hits you bewitchingly like cartoon steam to a cartoon dog.


Once inside, (and up 2 staircases) the crisp, white decor is striking and feels very upmarket and not at all what you would expect to find from somewhere so “trendy”. It felt very much like a wonderful smelling, high end art gallery which happened to be serving drinks in the middle. Thats a gallery I can get on board with.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 23.14.27

The Food:

I had the Salmon with Goats cheese and dill to start… a safe choice. However, one of my group had the cod fish croquette with breaded egg… by far the best and most envied choice, while another had the charcuterie with added lardo (wafer thin slices of pig fat)… The uncertain choice (on our table).

For mains, my guests had the lamb (delicious and super soft) and the pigs cheeks which, if you like pork were sweet, tender and deliciously rich. The other two went for fish & chips. I went for the burger with gorgonzola rarebit, green chillies and spinach. The actual beef was serious business thickness and served on a Brioche bun and was cooked (medium rare) to perfection. My only issue is that there was not enough of it or any extras and so the side of Ham-hock Boston beans was a welcomed addition. Far be it for me to deny a ham-hock its time to shine. //

The Booze:

They have their own cocktail list including the MEZCAL OLD FASHIONED: Mezcal, tequila, bitters, agave and the ROSIE & GIN: Gin, pineapple, lime, rosemary. One of the girls hit the dark & Stormys while the rest of us remained on the bubbles.

The Atmos:

When we initially walked in for a 7:45 res, it was fairly unassuming and not too busy. By midnight (well actually then it had closed and we had to leave and empty room), but prior to that it was loud, buzzy and fun. The people were a total mix of twenty somethings to 40/50 somethings who clearly work in creative and were fashionably dressed in the East Chic.

My Advice? Go there, try it, get the Cod to start. Just remember to get a couple of sides. They are delicious.

Bistrotheque – 23-27 Wadeson Street, London E2 9DR