Katana – Los Angeles, USA

In this place, if you don’t see a celebrity, they’re having an off day. Frankly, you couldn’t throw a Wagyu Kimchee Gyoza without hitting at least 1 A-Lister. Another triumph for the culinary group that just keeps giving – Innovative Dining.


They would describe the place as “the sexiest stop on the Sunset Strip”. They definitely deliver on that promise. Sultry uplighting on a building that looks part chateaux, part house and home cover, this place evokes the feeling of real opulence without being too obvious.

If you go, SIT OUTSIDE ON THE PATIO. If you are from a city like London, New York etc, you know the value of being able to sit outside by the main bustle while sipping cocktails and absorbing the atmosphere without developing a mild case of hypothermia.


The food

Its absolutely cracking. Controversially, I have never been swayed by Wagyu beef… i find that often it tastes just a little too much like the cow itself. Perhaps in an effort to connect the diner with the animal or some other such hippy nonsense. Until, now. Notable favourites were the “Kobe Pepper / American Wagyu with Black Pepper Sauce” and the  “Taraba Gani / King Crab Legs”. Phenomenal.

Education corner: Robata in Japan means “cooking with open flame” using Bincho Tan, a special Japanese charcoal from the seaside village of Wakayama. “Japanese Tapas” and other traditional styles of Japanese comfort food. They honour these methods and styles in Katana which means authenticity in place of convenience which is always a winner in my book.


Come. See. Be seen. Most of all, enjoy some fantastic Robata food!

Katana – 8439 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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