Bô-Zin – Marrakech, Morocco

Now, as anyone who has dared to utter the word “Marrakech” around me knows… I am firm in my belief that Marrakech is one of the untapped/underrated hotspots to holiday in.

While half of the people I know spent their time here being forced to buy spices in the souk and being flanked by snakes at every turn, the sensilble other half know that there is a luxurious, new ibiza like marrakech that has emerged out of the sand to give the best balearic bars & restaurants a run for their money.

 Bo Zin Marrakech

One such place is Bô-zin. I need to really emphasise that far from the “helpful guides” and “spice” merchants that heckle and holler (I said Holler) in the tourist traps is this beduin boujouir haute quisine restaurant.

The most stylish people in Marrakech all decend upon a restarant remeniscent of nobu, hakkasaan and about any arabian dream you’ve ever had.

DJs on hand and the coolest arabian chic vibes make you feel that you are in the imaginary child of Ibiza & Dubai.

There is a terrace with a lush garden complete with fountains and tables.

Bo Zin Marrakech

The Food:

If you go to Marrakesch and you dont have some sort of Lamb/Apricot dish… then shame on you. Really. Shame. On. You.

However, if you dine in Bô-zin then while lamb is ever present (and by the way delicious), also are the Fillet of Beef, truffle sauce, the Chicken wok with Cashew nuts or indeed the Tagine of cod with charmoula spices,
and fondue of vegetables. These were the dishes my diners chose, and begrudgingly shared with me.  Finally the Teriyaki of panfried Red Tuna. Mais Oui!

Bo Zin Marrakech

This place is Zen meets elegance and I for one think it is one of the best undiscovered restaurants that Marrakesh, nay Morocco has to offer.

Bô-Zin – Route de l’ Ourika km 3,5, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco