Beluga – Cape Town, South Africa

This place was recommended to me by a friend who knows exactly how I feel about Al Fresco dining and great cocktails. The answer is good. I feel really good about it.

Beluga is well established in the restaurant “Cool Set”, and is always full, bustling and lively and has a very cool vibe.

Beluga restaurant

The one thing you won’t realise if you visit their website is how great their outdoor courtyard dining area is. We called ahead and requested to sit outside in the courtyard and as is the case with South Africa, it was beautiful and perfect temperature for dinner.

It is always fun to spot the Europeans who are visibly excited to be eating outdoors without the fear of a sudden downpour or frostbite… I include myself in this.

For me, al fresco dining is always my preference, and this definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Beluga Outside

The Booze:

I need to stress just how affordable the drinks are in South Africa… VERY. Unlike most countries that charge the same price as Gold per gram for usually mediocre cocktails and imported spirits, you always feel as if you’re being fairly charged for great drinks in Cape Town and particularly here. As evidence of this, Beluga sells more than 40,000 Mojito’s a year! Their other cocktails are also pretty exceptional.

The danger of this however, is that in groups, it goes from ordering glasses, to ordering bottles. That my friends, is how a Safari was booked on an iphone at about 2am… for a trip that started about 5 hours from then…. Anyway, I digress.


The Food:

This menu includes Sushi, Dim Sum, Meats, Seafood… Basically, everything that South Africa does well…. Yes, yes including the wine.

So, in order to give you the highlight reel, I want to bring special attention to a few things; Springbok with butternut purée, potato rösti, beef reduction. If you’ve never tried Springbok before, why not? It’s similar to Venison, and you should definitely give it a whirl. If you’ve never tried Venison, you should probably have an inward mental pep talk about trying new foods.

Also earning a mention are the Beef Ribs (Slow-braised, deboned with XO basting). Woof. Also, the Ostrich Ragout (Gnocchi, slow-braised Ostrich fan fillet & spring onion). Again, Ostrich is a meat that I really like. Not as gamey as you might expect and is quite rich in flavour.


If you have a beef with meat, then the Kinglip & Langoustine (with Crushed potatoes, tarragon butter) and their Ponzu Crayfish are both valiant contenders.

Ponzu Crayfish Beluga

Sushi & Dim Sum rolls come in the form of the Volcano Roll (Tempura salmon, spicy creamy prawn, cucumber on the outside and my personal blue ribbon winner), The Firecracker Roll (Tempura tuna, avocado, mayo, sesame seeds) and the choice of Deep fried Dim Sum Buns. If you prefer the simpler types, then they have a pretty extensive selection.


The Dessert and Jaw-Dropper comes in the shape of the Lindt white chocolate beignets with vanilla bean ice cream, butterscotch sauce… It is everything your mind has conjured.


My Tip: Be different. How many times are you going to eat chicken and steak? You know what they taste like. Go for something a little unusual and request a table outside if you’re there in the Summer.

Beluga – The Foundry, Prestwich Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa