Château Monfort – Milan, Italy

Milan is like any major city when is comes to hotels … A dozen or so big hotel groups, and a million “boutiques”. So, Milan is one place that you definitely need a recommendation. Oh hey….


Château Monfort is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Milan that is based on and inspired by the fairy-tale concept. Now, bear with me. This is not fairy-tale like disney-does-fairy-tale… This is an Italian castle of idealism.

In its decor, this place is every inch the fairytale château, just a little more slick. It is described as a romantico castello and it is just that, if that romantic castle was also incredibly stylish with a great spa.


The first thing you will see is a a grand entrance, a winding staircase to your left and an atrium ahead. As a perfect balance, it is as light and breezy as it is imposing in grandeur and so you get all the feel of decadence without the dark colours and heavy materials.

The most obvious display of Gin decoration was in the Atrium so that is where we headed first.

With a Huge and vast Skylight, it creates the perfect atmosphere for a light daytime tipple or a grand and sultry evening drink… I imagine something like an aged Whisky would look perfect in hand.

In the best news, they were not at all phased by me yet again going off piste with my selection of drinks.


Château Monfort has 77 rooms: superior, executive, deluxe – including 5 Suites and 3 Junior Suites.

While they might have had “enchanted forest” in mind, you cant escape chic style in Milan and so that is clear throughout the hotel. Maybe if the enchanted forest was in the centre of milan and had been landscaped by high fashion designers.


The Rooms:

My room had the mother of all furniture selections… a round bed with overhead circular valance. Yes. This may sound like something that is only suited to very whimsical people but actually, as we’re in Milan, they have managed to make it seriously chic with a feel of luxury instead. Bravo. Once in, it becomes a bit of a cocoon and I very nearly missed checkout for that reason.



The bathrooms are sleek, elegant and very Milan. Designed with incredibly high spec materials including marble floors/decked floors and sleek metal taps and showers. Obviously. I mean, just look at it.


The Spa:

On the bottom floor is the “Amore & Psiche” spa.  Now this could either be from the exact translation of love and psyche or in keeping with the theme, (Cupid and Psyche) could be related to the greek mythology story.

In the spa,  you will find the Sauna, Turkish Bath, Showers and a Swimming Pool with saline water. This is pretty perfect for a City Spa. Surely everyone needs a mid day mud wrap?


On our last morning we had a pretty spectacular breakfast of everything imaginable with a side of everything imaginable and then checked out of the hotel to spend a couple of days in Bologna.

As timing would have it, there was a tornado that came in from Bologna during our travels back to Milan airport ( I know right?!). It was tough, but somehow we mustered the courage to call the hotel, check back into our luxurious room in our very own Château and spend one more night in the round cocoon before leaving a day late. Obviously we were destined to stay longer…

ChateauMonfort – Corso Concordia 1, 20129 Milano

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