The Vault Bar – Soho, London

If you stepped through a Hogwarts bookcase, you may expect to find many things…. You will not find any of those here, so go elsewhere.

At the very back of Londons Oldest Whisky shop, you will find such a bookcase. Behind this bookcase, there is a hidden passageway to The Vault.

The Vault Soho

What you will find is a very trendy speakeasy/prohibition style lounge with an eclectic style and cocktails on mass.

It is the type of place that moustache twiddling men with smoking pipes would go… if the pipes were vapes, the facial grooming were on-trend beards and they were partial to a fruity cocktail.

So what to have, I hear you ask? Oh choices choices….

The Vault Soho

I particularly like “The Volcano” which is Volcano Flower Infused Vodka, Dolin Dry, Apricot, Rubinette Apple-Lemon Thyme Bitters, the “Simo” with Michter’s Rye, Byrhh, Dolin Dry, Maraschino, Orange and Angostura Bitters and  finally “Kiss from a Rose” which is Gin, Dry Vermouth, Cucumber Press, Rose Liqueur, Black Peppercorns, Rose Petals… Rose? Fab. Gin? Great.  What is not to like?

The Vault Soho

Should you wish to look like a serious grown up, then a drink such as “The Verano 69” or alternatively “The Smoking Gun” is Straight Corn Whisky, Oloroso Sherry, Earl Grey, Brown Sugar, in a Smoked Glass. Its a little heavy for me, but I am assured that that is because I’m “a wuss”…

The Vault Soho

They also have a selection of Whiskeys (Obviously) and Craft Beers… but frankly, if someone is here and is drinking a beer, then someone hasn’t explained it to them properly.

While upstairs is full of a huge variety of whiskey for connoisseurs , downstairs is full of spicy cocktails, imaginative concoctions and a very trendy vibe.

The Vault

It feels like somewhere that is covert and undercover because of its disguised entrance and once downstairs, you really feel as if you are one of a very few “In the know” who knows of its existence.

This place is business in the front, and party in the back.

The Vault – Milroy’s of Soho, 3 Greek Street, London, W1D 4NX

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