Vintage Salt Pop-Up – Selfridges Rooftop, London

Selfridges has everything, cutting edge designers, world renowned displays, and a shoe section to make Imelda Marcos gasp. There is just one thing missing… A rooftop restaurant/bar designed by Sibley Grove Interiors in the style of a Cornish Fishing Village…… Nope. Panic over. They have that too.

This Summer, Des McDonald has opened his 3rd Pop-up at Selfridges and its name? Vintage Salt.


Over the last few years, London has birthed a number of Rooftop bars, though I struggle to find many others that are completely modelled on a seaside fishing village with deckchairs, custom lanterns and beach hut, while also serving great food.

This place has the edge on its Beach theme competitors by serving a full dining menu within an actual restaurant.


So, the question on your mind… Cornish Fishing Village Cuisine?

As you might imagine, seafood features fairly highly on the list, including Jersey Rock Oysters which are outstanding. Also worth a strong mention is the Earl Grey tea smoked salmon served with Jersey Royals and horseradish and the London particular fritters with Colman’s dressing and Spiced tuna tartare served with avocado and pickled cucumber. Get a side of truffle fries. Why? Because every day should feature a bowl of truffled something.

The fish dishes recommended are the Sea bass “a la plancha” served with surf clams and wilted beech greens, Camden Hells fish and chips and Smoked haddock kedgeree


The puddings. This is serious business and this is coming from a girl who is more a fan of meat than a marshmallow.

Let me walk you through their chocolate burger. You will need a guide….. This is actually a Chocolate Patty with raspberry jelly, vanilla cream and milk & white chocolate served to you, just as it is in your dreams….. In Sweet Choux Buns with a side of “Churro Fries”.There are other desserts such as the Vintage Salt Cigar and Lemon Meringue but frankly, my heart is elsewhere and now puddings have changed for me.

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Drinks:  The Drift Bar, is idyllically located on the terrace and you will find it via a totally separate entrance.

It is everything that your Cornish Beach should be… Lined with nautical ropes and complete with a wooden beach hut and a dedicated G&Tea bar for speciality Gin cocktails. There are also other wonderful drinks and wines on offer but I am a Gin girl and a loyal one at that.Should you get a little peckish, you can order Light bites from the Sundowners Menu.


As a nice little touch. They print the weather report and shipping forecast for the next 7 days on the menu.


So, Where do you like to enjoy your drink on a Summer day in London? If it is not on terrace deckchairs while overlooking the view of London while watching the sun set, I would suggest you go elsewhere. If however, you have impeccable taste and enjoy watching the sun go down with a G&T in your hand, then I will see you there.
Vintage Salt – Roof, Selfridges & Co, 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1A