Coya – London

Fusion. How we love to use this term in restaurants over the last couple of years. Thai-Italian fusion, Indonesian-Mediterranean fusion, Japanese-Brazilian fusion, Undecided-Con fusion.

The point is, it seems that this side of 2013, every restaurant has a fusion of something&something but rarely does this fusion actually bowl you over. It is a reserved exception for a fortunate few.

Coya Bar

This particular place has won a special spot in my heart for one reason, well a few reasons, but one that is stand out ….Unique flavours.

Menus have become predictable, cuisines have become safe and obvious with “signature dishes”.

French cuisine has “Coq au vin”, Italian has arrancini and veal chop, Japanese has black cod and popcorn shrimp. Yes, these are crowd favourites, and Yes, people want the comfort of knowing that these are the safety net when booking a regional cuisine, but NO, I do not want to see the same dishes churned out as if on a magical (mundane) conveyor belt from one eatery to another…

Enter: Black Mint. Enter: Corvina. Enter: Pink fur potatoes. “what are these exotic foods you speak of?” I hear you ask…. Go and try them. With a huge variety of regional delicacies, you can eat something that doesn’t taste like miso infused twice braised everything and really expand your knowledge of food. Even if you dont love everything, it allows you to broaden your food horizons and try new things.

Coya Restaurant

The restaurant is lively and loud with a perfect setting for celebrations, family or a one-on-one. The upstairs members bar is kitch, cool and reminiscent of a Peruvian pisco bar.

I had personally had a birthday dinner here for a large group and it was loud enough for a great atmosphere, but not so loud that you couldn’t chat away to all of your party.

Coya London

Give this a go, or forever dine on thrice cooked chips and avocado emulsion at your peril….

Coya – 118 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 7NW