Trick Dog Bar – San Francisco, USA

From The Bon Vivants, (A well known Hospitality, cocktail, design brand) comes Trick Dog.
They describe it as a “kick ass, well made, no bullsh*t, neighbourhood cocktail bar with great music, delicious drinks and food ’til the end”….. No dispute here.
It was very reminiscent of saloon cool meets sort of industrial non commital when it comes to the design and it works so well with the local Mission crowd.
The cocktails…. As I am usually more of a Hendricks & Slim fan than anything with bells/whistles and fireworks, these guys persuaded me to try a couple of their signature tipples and ….. Woof. Even the biggest cocktail-phobic would have no trouble tackling these bad boys.
I met a group of friends here for some early cocktails and truthfully, ended up staying for essentially most of the night.
Trickdog – 3010 20th Street San Francisco, CA 94114