Elounda Gulf Villas – Elounda, Greece

Ancient Gods & Ouzo are two things that Greece are world renowned for…. Being part Greek myself, I can say that while both are intrinsically linked, they are certainly not all that Greece, or should I say Greeks have to offer. They are pretty dab hand with the Luxury resorts also. Enter or rather “Εισάγετε” Elounda Gulf Villas on the Northeastern coast of Crete.


If you close your eyes and  imagine your ideal Greek secluded paradise, it usually features stereotypical panoramic views overlooked by Olive & Palm Trees, crystal water bays and usually in your mind, a lot of white and blue….  So imagine awaking from a daytime snooze to see…. exactly that. and I mean, EXACTLY THAT.

Elounda is special also as it is a family run boutique. It boasts 18 pool Villas and 15 Suites, all with breathtaking views over the “azure waters of the Gulf of Mirabello”.

Pool Villas & Suites:

Ok… lets get down to it. When the packaging is this pretty, you may think that what is inside may be less so. Wrong.

The two crowns of the hotel are the Presidential Villa and the Royal Spa Pool Villa. As the name suggests, these are the digs favoured by royals, celebs and anyone who is ridiculously lucky enough to find themselves in there over a birthday week.


This place has 4 bedrooms is 3767 square ft and is frankly big enough to host the parthenon crowd. Ok, thats a slight exaggeration, but you see where I am going with this.

It has a fireplace (Incase the outdoor 45 degree summer heat is not enough for you), an open plan fully equipped kitchen, beautifully decorated marble bathrooms, a private pool with Jacuzzi, private gym room, sauna and steam bath not to mention the dining room, terraces, living areas etc. Frankly, the only thing this suite doesn’t have is its own taverna…. Maybe it does?


The outside terrace is designed with a gorgeous crescent shaped infinity pool with … (you guessed it) those panoramic views that you had imagined in your Grecian ideals.


Incase you cant make up your mind, there are not one but two jacuzzis, (well, its nice to have the choice isn’t it?) and you can enjoy a quick dip before your sauna/steam or… if you are strangely addicted to fitness on holiday, the gym.

The other Pool Villas are also beautifully decorated, and come complete with their own pools and outdoor terraces and marble dining areas. The spec is incredibly high and in any of them, you would certainly feel like it was luxurious.

In keeping with the region, the use of white/marble and trees are a common theme and you really know at all times that you are in Greece.


The Food:

Elounda Gulf has two main restaurants. The Argo Restaurant, (The main restaurant of the hotel) which is open all day from breakfast to dinner with Al fresco dining. The cuisine is International and Greek.

Then there is the The Daphni Restaurant. Daphni is a gourmet, award winning sea view restaurant offering inventive dishes and gourmet Greek cuisine. The restaurant also serves a selection of Mediterranean dishes as well as international flavours for those of you who dont like Moussaka. (Just don’t dare tell my grandmother that).

bf414a_f6f8aecf8dc8486e898b02ec08f31240 (1)

The Argo Bar. This is the Hotel’s lounge bar. For those of you (me) that enjoys an afternoon gin, it is open all day. In the evening, it turns into a louder bar but still in keeping with the resort and restaurants high standards and calibre.

Insider dining info….. As mentioned, we were actually there over two separate birthdays (Mine and by brothers) and so as a special treat, they did a 5 course personal menu in our villa with the chef and waiters actually there with us. They decorated it incredibly and the whole thing was really very special and we felt every inch the birthday pair. They even baked an amazing cake! So, if it is your birthday, (or honeymoon, anniversary, or frankly if it is any other celebratory day), I would really recommend requesting this. When I say they went above and beyond, this is no wordy exaggeration. They did miles more than I could have ever dreamt of.

bf414a_e4924c51b04947f5b80e0e81d06fa1b4 (1)

So, should crystal blue waters, luxurious surroundings and Baklava be your bag, I would suggest that you contact them immediately. If its not …. Have a word with yourself.

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