Belthazar – Cape Town, South Africa

Recently voted “Best Steak Restaurant in South Africa” … When it comes to Belthazar in Cape Town, I would have to agree.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… How experienced am I in the SA steak game? I have tried only a few South African meat havens, but my global steak expertise hold me in fairly decent stead.


Bold Statement Ahead…… This may well be, the Best. Steak. Ever. (Or at least in my top 3) and baring in mind that I eat far more red meat than most girls would admit…. that is saying something.

This waterside meaty treat also boasts the largest wine bar in the world. Essentially, there is no reason to ever leave this restaurant.

The Booze:

They boast a collection of 250 of the Cape’s finest wines by the glass and have a further international list of up to 600 fine wines and sought-after rare vintages.

We really liked the 2012 Franschhoek Chamonix Reserve and also the 2012 KWV “Mentors” NLH from Walker Bay.

Belthazar 2

The restaurant serves up to 250 of the Cape’s best local wines by the glass and boast a wine list of “600 fine wines and sought-after rare vintages”.

Responsible for my excited racing heart are Owners of award-winning Balducci’s, also a firm member of the elite at the Cape. I would say that their reputation is 100% intact with this venture.

The scene.. Waterside at the V&A Waterfront, with a view of Table Bay and almost delirious sunsets.

Belthazar Restaurant Internal

The food:

…. Meat. There are other such Game dishes sporting schprawnsy dishes like, Crocodile Fillet and Oestrich Kebab, but truthfully unless there is something wrong with you, you will not go for anything but their beef.

Now, I wont lie to you, I may have tried both the Fillet and the T-Bone in a friend on friend trade off. Greedy? Non. Shrewd.

Belthazar Steak

Should you want to try something a little less off the hoof, then I would recommend their whole baby kingclip based in their own signature… baste.

They also do a pretty special calamari. Being partially of the mediteranean background, calamari seems to be in my ancestry and I can never really resist it.

Shrimp Belthazar

If you are able to eat anything after this, maybe go for a SA Classic pudding of Malva (It has apricot jam in its mix and has a soft and spongy). Three things you need to know. Its baked. Its drenched in butterscotch and its served with wildly rich cream.

So, If you like steak, and you like wine and you are a decent human being…. You will love this place.

Belthazar – Shop 153 / Victoria Wharf / V&A Waterfront / Cape Town