Saatchi Gallery Mess – London

When you think London Sundays (when I think London Sundays), you probably think long bottomless brunches, gallery exhibitions and sunny strolls. If you actually live in London, you’ll know that the last is almost impossible to guarantee and the first two are never anywhere near one another.

What if I told you that you could get your Hirst with a side of Eggs Royale and free flowing champagne? Oh hi there Gallery Mess at the Saatchi Gallery!

As this is the Saatchi gallery, there is an abundance of art. The place is adorned with art from neon signs, a giant glass head and an even more giant lace up shoe.  Frankly, every brunch from now on will be a little bit of a let down if not under the watch of a giant shoe.  

It is, as you would hope and expect from such an infamous gallery and ensures that you never forget where you are.

The Booze:

As any self respecting Londoner (or London visitor) would know, the saying goes brunch without booze is just boring, late breakfast.

At Gallery Mess, you can have unlimited Champagne, Prosecco, or Bloody Marys. It is equally important to remember that this is an offer, not a challenge people!

The Food: 

It is no secret that I love eggs. Almost to a concerning degree (it has been known that I go to bed on a Saturday talking about the eggs that I will have on the Sunday… no, I know) and Gallery Mess serves up a pretty great selection.

I went for the Eggs Benedict. The eggs and muffins are one thing, but the hollandaise says a lot about the grade of their cooking.

You’re thinking… Thats it? The answer is of course, no. I also had a side of Homemade beans, usually served on toast with a poached duck egg & crispy pancetta. These were great and felt all the more healthy with the use of canellini beans and fresh tomatoes.


You’re thinking… Thats it? You’d be wrong again. We also had another “side” of the Hass Avocado with grapefruit, dill dressing & feta. The dill dressing was great and even if you are not a fan of grapefruit, the dressing takes away some of the sharpness that they usually have.

Should you decide to go off piste and get yourself actual lunch, then it is fair to say that while you would get a raised eyebrow from me, you’d get a great dish from the kitchen.

The favourites are the Roast Beef with roast vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy and also the  BBQ pork belly with crispy fennel & pears.

They also do a pretty well respected Fish & chips with tartare sauce & mushy peas.

Now, if you are there for brunch, or afternoon tea, or dinner, or just to rest your feet… you need to take a look at the desserts.

As you know, usually I could take or leave desserts at brunch but on advice of our exceptionally charming waiter Nelson, we went for 2 (no judgement) and were seriously pleased that we did.

First up was the Vanilla cheesecake & orange compote with iced strawberries and blackberries to garnish. The frosty berries meant that we could tell ourselves that this was a healthy dish. On Sunday, everyone is allowed to lie to themselves…

Then, we were really wisely recommended the Bailey’s mousse with toasted pistachio base and crumb with strawberries & malt ice cream. Because, look at it. That mousse.

We really lucked out with the weather and it happened to be beautifully sunny and bright. This is what this building was made for, with its high arched doorways.

restaurant GM

In the Summer months (and in the sunny intervals) they have an al fresco area for oeufs dans le soleil.

So if you feel the way I do about eggs, champagne and London landmarks, then give this a go.

Saatchi Gallery Mess: Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY