California Modern – San Diego, California

San Diego views… Not exactly a tough sell. When you are on the edge of the Californian coast, its a deal that sells itself, which is why so many people head there for ocean view dining.

However, what if an ocean spray gin is just not enough for you? What if you actually want exceptional food as well? This mi amici is a far rarer find.

Lucky for you, I have taken one for the team and done the trials and testing for you and come up with your saviour… I give you, the amazing California Modern at Georges at the cove.

Georges at the Cove California Modern Ocean View

Instantly, this place has the wow factor. Unrestricted views of the ocean from palm height, matched with a cool yet refined atmosphere.

Its city elegance, with that waterside holiday feel. Co-owner April Johnson, (who is as charming as she is expert) has really got the balance perfectly right with this.

The Booze:

You are greeted by Stephen, their resident cocktail wizard and master of the spirits. As with everything in this restaurant, the cocktails are not just your run of the mill, but actually invented and designed in house.

Georges at the Cove California Modern - San Diego Bar

A gimlet is great, but with drinks made from split milk like Modern Milk Punch (16 light and dark rums, agave spirits, bitter spirits, tropical fruits, yerba mate tea, milk clarification), the Flore PrimaVera and Per Cinnamon (15 virgin / 5 Larceny Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, persimmon/cinnamon shrub, cayenne, lemon, orange, maple syrup), don’t be that person that orders a beer. No-one wants to be that person.

Georges at the Cove California Modern Rooftop San DIego

The Food: 

Executive chef, partner and “chief storyteller” Trey Foshee has created a menu that is genuinely at award winning level. I did my best to make it through most of them… For the sake of research of course.

If you remember nothing else, remember this. This restaurant has THE BEST fish tacos you will ever have.

If you are thinking, “No, no I know this streetfood place further down the beach”, I can say with confidence that not only are these entirely different, but also that you will eat your words with a side of delicious fish tacco when you try these. Made without tortilla, they are constructed entirely of Yellowfin tuna, california avocado, corn nuts and are outstanding.

Georges at the Cove California Modern Fish Tacos

Next up, is the Chino farms corn pudding, Beetroot salad and the Octopus,  (served with the Calabrian chili, olive, potato, squid ink aioli, puntarella, miner’s lettuce). The octopus is seriously fresh and with just enough citrus to give it a little zing.

The special for the day were the Spot prawns. Spot prawns are similar to regular prawns, if regular prawns were 4 times the size and 100 times as delicious.

The Cameron Diaz of Prawns if you will… (Whats that? I’ve cleverly worked in a famous San Diegoan reference? Yes. Yes I did.)

Spot Prawns George's at the Cove - California Modern

Looking more like a miniature enchanted forest… (go with me here) the Roasted sardines are as aesthetically pleasing as the Roasted vegetables & equally as popular.

The Lamb loin is incredibly popular, while we had the Red wine braised prime short rib (with turnips, carrots, mustard greens, soft polenta). As you know, I will almost always go for the short rib, but this one was decadently rich with a real warmth of red wine flavour. I would definitely recommend this.

Georges at the Cove California Modern Lamb Loin

One of the most popular desserts is the Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Because, well because it is pumpkin bread pudding. I don’t need to spell it out for you.

Georges at the Cove California Modern Pumpkin Bread Pudding

We had the Whipped Coconut with chia seed, bee pollen, coconut sorbet, ginger consommé. With a whipped cream consistency, it was light but rich with the ginger to break up the heaviness perfectly. It was sensational.

Whipped Coconut George's at the Cove - California Modern

We also had the 4 mini doughnuts. If you have ever eaten in California, you will know that nothing is mini and so these actual sized doughnuts came with citron jam, ginger root chantilly, grapefruit yogurt & 12 bitter orange chocolate dipping sauces. Other popular desserts are the Frozen strawberry mousse, and the Apple pumpkin crisp

Doughnuts George's at the Cove - California Modern

In a city of varying cuisines, genres and chefs, there are two things that are guaranteed here; Great food and Spectacular sunset views…

George's at the Cove - California Modern Ocean View

So, if you want more than ocean views and sunset booze, this is your place.

I cannot say enough positive things about this place, but will say this… The food is award worthy food and I am entirely confident that there will be some more heading their way very soon. This is one of California’s best restaurants for certain.

Georges at the Cove: 1250 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States