Andrea’s – The Wynn Encore, Las Vegas, USA

Vegas is full of hot spots, THE place for sushi, THE place for a party, THE place for theatrics, THE place to celebrate (or commiserate) a casino windfall.

Every person who goes to Vegas will tell you that they know a restaurant that covers one of these elements. But mes amies, where do you go when you want it all? How can your party crowd of 12 get a banquet of sushi along side a gargantuan flaming meringue? I mean, I know!… We’ve all faced this dilemma.

Well lucky for you, I have done the tough leg work and found you a delicious solution. I give you, Andreas at the Wynn Encore.

Andreas The Wynn Encore Las Vegas inside

Let’s start with the decor. It is slick. No, more than that. It is the place you want to go with your coolest friends and celebrate. Its Casino cool with Asian chic.

Andreas Bar

I met with Executive Chef Joseph Elevado and let me tell you that he is as charming as he is talented. He was so enthusiastic about their dishes and how they cater to the individuals tastes that I was genuinely excited about the food and totally sold on his excitement alone.

The Booze:

The cocktails are inventive but elegant in keeping with the restaurant.

As it is well documented, I like anything with Pear, Peach or Plums and so they fashioned me something with Pear, Vodka and Champagne that rocked my world in the best way possible.

The Food:

Before we even started we had the Vermicelli & Crab Salad with fresh herbs, beluga lentils, serrano chili, and lime-fish sauce. This is a PRE STARTER. Yes. Pre. It was really fresh and a perfect intro into the meal.


Now, if you like sashimi like I like sashimi, then you will lose your chips (Vegas themed) for the Chef’s special composed sashimi. “Why? What could be so different about this sashimi that I haven’t had before?” I hear you ask… and the answer is the sheer level. No, not just in the dish size (This was for one very lucky and delighted person), but in quality, in choice of fish and in presentation. The Hamachi and Scallop were standouts.

File 21-04-2016, 16 36 38

We then had a GIANT Diver sea scallop each with sea urchin, cauliflower, brown butter, yuzu-spinach purée. These were out of this world good and incredibly delicate given the size.

They also have a pretty epic selection of rolls including my winner the Yellowtail tempura roll with green onion, asparagus, spicy mayo, sweet soy and the Wagyu Beef & Lobster with gobo, takuwan, celery, asparagus, parsley purée, lobster aïoli. Because. Well, if you don’t know… try them.

Stay with me people… We’re playing the long game here.

For those of you that are anti-roll, they are pretty well known for their Organic wild isle salmon with morel mushroom/pea/carrot/ramp kakiage, and yuzu kosho chicken jus.


My winner is easily the SAIKYO MISO BLACK COD pickled shallots, mitsuba. If you like black cod (Yes, I know I am obsessed) then you will love this.

For those of you that prefer red meat, their New York Strip WASABI DEMI-GLACE is sliced and served on a sizzling platter. Now, I love beef and this was exceptional.

Also popular is the Jidori Chicken Adobo onion with jalapeño and garlic.

Andreas Las Vegas Jidori Chicken Adobo onion with jalapeño and garlic

The Dessert… *That* Dessert.

We had the Mt. Fuji and this is just about the most appropriate name in terms of setting expectations correctly. It can serve up to 11 people.

It is devil’s food cake layered with a Myers dark rum mousse, stacked within a cone and frozen. Elizabeth Peck (the Wynns executive sous chef) then coats the outside with dark chocolate followed by fluffy meringue.

Then, what else is there to do but torch the whole thing in a blaze of sugar drenched amazing….ness and try to hold out until the flames have subsided before leaping in. Dramatic?  Not even a little bit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 15.14.26

I love Andreas and as if you needed more proof, I have already planned a trip back here with a larger group. See you guys in October!!

Andreas – Wynn Encore – 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States