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“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came”

Did I write this?  No. Did I understand it a month ago.  No. Would I almost claim it as a mantra now and take credit should someone think it was of my writing? 1000%

I love hotels and I am always excited to see a new room, hotel, unique facilities that they have, but what if you dont want the same view every day? What if you love the room, but want a change of location? What if you want the freedom to pick up and leave whenever you choose.

In a time when “rental” is key and you can pretty much rent any accommodation, item or thing that you are unable to afford yourself, the renter is king.

I have worked with and used many of these; Classic Cars, Air BnBs, planes but the one thing that was never for rent in my mind was a boat, and that made sense! Why would you entrust your incredibly precious boat to someone who is not of sailing ilk? Until now that is.

I give you…. my honest new obsession; Sailo.

Sailo is a yacht charter company that allows you to charter a luxury boat for… well, for as long as you like. From day trips to month cruises, it allows you to experience luxury boating and ocean travel without the investment of your own boat (or sailing lessons in my case).

Sailing Sailo Yacht Boat Ocean Marina Del Ray

Don’t happen to be in Marina Del Ray like I was? Sailo is available in Thailand to Turkey, Miami to Greece, California to Portugal, Italy, Croatia, New York…. Pretty much most places that have a great marina. Sidebar: Should you be near Marina Del Ray, absolutely go as it is really very pretty and they do a great lobster spaghetti.

I know what you’re thinking… “but, I don’t even have my competent crew badge”… panic not my seafearing friends, because Sailo will match you with a captain if needs be (like but without the awkward over-dinner chat). I think it goes without saying that my actual sailing experience before this day was … I’ll go with slim and I want to be transparent about my experience as someone who spends little time on the water because of my amateur boating stats.

They provided a crew (including Captain and Charmer of the high-seas Jack from Cruising Yachts) to ensure that the sailing was perfect and all water and sharks remained outside. This for me, is an amazing aspect as it enabled me to spend time enjoying it whilst pretending to be a proficient sailor.

The other benefit to having a captain is that you learn…. a lot. For the secret fact-Geek in me, this really made it all the better for me. In addition, I also had head Sailo charmer Alexis join us on the boat.

yacht boat sailing ocean marina del ray travel

Since the trip I have been “talking shop” and have a much greater understanding and respect for the complexity of boats and the technology on board. Its actually fascinating if you love a fact like I do.

The Boat

Of the huge fleet, my floating home was a 53ft Jeanneau stunner complete with a sail that would make The Talented Mr Riply gasp. (Check it out here)

Sailing Sailo Yacht Boat Ocean Marina Del Ray

Sailing Sailo Yacht Boat Ocean Marina Del Ray

They let me sail (not drive) this boat once in the middle of the open water and I won’t lie to you, I took to it like Magellan. Now, I’m not saying that I am a fully qualified Sailor yet, but should the name “Christina Columbus” stick, I wouldn’t say its not fitting….

So, what might you find on board this 53 foot of shark-proof beauty? I am glad you asked. Complete with 3 berths (3 bedrooms – because I speak sailor now) with en-suites, a dining area, kitchen it has all of the luxuries and amenities you could look for.

yacht boat sailing ocean marina del ray travel

yacht boat sailing ocean marina del ray travel

Should staring at the ocean become too taxing for you, then you can trot inside and relax and watch some TV (with the autopilot switched on of course).

Now, I’m not saying it was one of the first 3 things I spotted, but it also comes complete with a wine rack no less.

Sailing Sailo Yacht Boat Ocean Marina Del Ray

This comes in particularly handy when I tell you that it can host 12 people. So, it is absolutely perfect for a day party on the water with your nearest and dearest friends. It is also just as idyllic with fewer people!

yacht boat sailing ocean marina del ray travel

While this boat is beautiful, the truth is that all boats are a way to escape the predictable  and get away from it all. A chance for you to explore and search every corner of the ocean without limitations (or licences).

yacht boat sailing ocean marina del ray travel

yacht boat sailing ocean marina del ray travel

In a time when social media is littered with infinity pools, cinema rooms and Bougainvillea balconies, its difficult to find something new and exciting that hasn’t been done before. Don’t get me wrong, I like a Bougainvillea Balcony and plunge pool as much as the next girl, but when you find something that is so unique, its difficult not to get weird level excited about it.

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