Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay (1*), London

Pétrus is to Michelin Stars what Aston Martin is to cars. Classic, symbolic and not trying to be the newest and hippest on the block, (becuse Hip doesnt last). Hip is only defined by a time period and then soon will be replaced by a newer model with spinning rims and flames shooting from the boot. Pétrus in the restaurant world, is a class act that doesnt need to shout it. It has a Michelin star that does the talking.

FYI the restaurant was named after the French wine Pétrus and not the Greek word for Rock.

Petrus out

This place is elegant. Its low lighting really draws your attention to the circular wine “aquarium” (Not really an aquarium, but you’ll understand when you see it) in the middle of the restaurant and the bright and bustling light from the kitchen… why? Because Pétrus is ALL about the food, the drinks and the experience. No hologram or graffiti walls. No Ipad Menus. No waiters with top knots and foot long beards. This place insists that you focus on the food and the drinks.

I had wanted to go for quite a while and I save very few places until there is a memorable reason to go. This was one of them. I went for a celebration and we had the Chefs menu for 6 of us.It has had a bit of a history with changing head-chefs, ownership, moving locations and 3 stars in total but at two different locations…. So….. Who cares? If I had wanted to review their business records, I’d be reviewing for Companies House Online. This has Nothing to do with the food, quality and true luxury of this establishment.

Interior at Petrus

The Food:

First thing to note is the detail in the presentation. This is not just pretty food, this is painstakingly crafted basically with blueprints, prototypes and microscopic construction food.

As it was a celebration, we had the chefs tasting menu with wine pairing. Well done us….. This included things like, Ballotine of Norfolk quail with morels, pancetta, charred lettuce and jus gras. Also Seared Orkney scallops with braised kombu, bacon and egg sabayon and Best end of Herdwick lamb with herb crust, artichokes, ceps and smoked tapenade.

For dessert, we had the most unbelievable Lemon meringue (from someone that is never that excited by desserts) and some other treats.

Petrus dishes

Had we been dining a la carte, most of these dishes are available, and you would also have the option of Grilled Scottish lobster with black truffle, asparagus, macaroni and lobster salad, which I have been told is insanely good.  Truffle, Lemongrass, Morels, Fois Gras… Heavyweight league flavours.

Gariguette and wild strawberries with yoghurt, lemon verbena, and sable

As a side note, Aberdeen Angus Tartare with egg yolk puree & Vallee des Baux de Provence Olive Oil and Lime marinated halibut with roasted langoustines, mango and fennel pollen are amongst their most favoured dishes.

Lime marinated halibut with roasted langoustines, mango and fennel pollen

Finally, Their Petrus black forest cake is exceptionally rated as a crowd pleaser.


The Booze:

As I said, there is essentially a glass ‘temptation room’ where you can see all of their wines. Now, should you not be a fan of wine, there is a pretty strong Champagne and Fizz list also, but the start of the show is their wine collection. Prices range from the really reasonable and standard restaurant price of £30ish to £20,000 for a bottle. It is well worth the experience of the wine pairing for an expert accompaniment.

Now, I like wine as much as the next girl, but I usually stop reading the list at the part where you could fuel a plane for the same cost. That said, that is because this is a list for the connoisseur and while I know a decent amount about wine, I am comfortable in saying that I am no 1845 wine expert.

Interior at Petrus

The Atmos:

Now, let it be said that this is not Pascha. There is no loud music or fireworks shooting from your bottle of 1978 Chambolle-Musigny. Though truthfully, I really dont want that here.

Here, I want to know exactly what I am drinking, exactly what I am eating and exactly what my palette cleansers are made from, because they have been years (literally) in the creating. While there are some places that I dont mind retrieving pieces of bulk bought sparkler from my drink, this is not one of them…. This place is something special.

Pétrus – 1 Kinnerton St, London SW1X 8EA

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