Das Stue Hotel – Berlin, Germany

You know those hotels that perfectly merge diplomatic history and beautiful modern artistic design? No. Not unless this is it.

As soon as I walked in, and I mean from the very second, I fell in love with this place. I don’t know if it was the giant crocodile head that was gazing at me, or the ceiling dwelling mass sculpture of glowing balls above me like stars, but something… something had me at hello… (well, Guten Tag).


I have been to many hotels that I think are cool, but this place is COOL and not in a try hard, run down hipster way, but in the most upscale, chic design with impeccable interiors and art way. This is all down to Patricia Urquiola who artistically directed and designed all public spaces within Das Stue.

The Building:

It was originally built in the 1930’s, and designed by German architect Johann Emil Schaudt as a diplomatic residence inspired by Danish classicism for the Royal Danish Embassy.  Can we take a moment…This is literally the Ambassadors reception…


When you stay here, it is worth taking a full look around. (Yes a full look, not a peak around corners)

From the 3 floor library with a huge amazing Taschen collection, to the sporadic white covered bricks on the terrace wall which are from the bullet holes of the 2nd World War, this place is more than just a pretty face and you need to really explore it to see all its little attributes, history and artistic credentials.


The crocodile that greets you is by acclaimed French artist Quentin Garel is so imposing that it instantly gives a sense of artistic power and domination.

Elsewhere around the hotel, there are original black and white collectible private photos of the likes of stars like Dorian Leigh, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich, captured by Penn, Avedon or Bohrmann. There are black and white works from Horvat, Steichen and Newton. There are magazine issues commissioned by Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue from the 50s and 60s. I mean, it is head-swimmingly artistic.

I may well never be able to go to another hotel without my expectations for all things colourful, grand and artistic being compared. This place is like the love child of “Architectural Digest” and “MoMA New York”.


The Rooms:

There are 78 guest rooms and each is beautifully created in a “subdued modern decor that emphasizes polished surfaces and rich fabrics”.

The ceilings are not just high, they are 1930’s grand diplomatic residence high. When you walk in, you feel in some way that you have really done something right to find yourself here. Despite the über cool decor, there is no mistaking the opulence and stately presence that this place carries.

Brace yourselves…. this may have been one of the best/most suave rooms I have seen.


The room was huge but actually, that is not what made it so fab. It was that it was a balance of historic, regal hardwood construction with modern decor, style and fixtures. The place looked as if you had stepped onto the set of a Vanity Fair shoot.


Each of the rooms have their own character, their own presence and as I like to think of them, their own Magazine  cover shoot setting. Most of them have a giant spotlight that I have been hankering for since leaving.

Bel etage suite Das Stue

The Bar:

Now, if you like your Amaretto Sour with a side of Ostrich (I mean, who doesn’t?) , then you should probably go nowhere other than here. Why? This bar is special, it has something that no other bar I have ever seen has… a view overlooking the Berlin Zoo. Not just over it, Nein… but into it.

It is like the most chic ornithology observatory with a decadent decor and a cracking cocktail selection.


The birds aside, should you not wish to move yourself from the couch then the room is adorned with the wire animals by Benedetta Mori that I have become besotted with.



This leads out onto the terrace which is heated in the winter and a Sun trap in the Summer making it perfect for a Cognac or an Aperol Spritz (or both).



There are 2 restaurants at Das Stue by Paco Perez. Casual and of course, Michelin starred Cinco.

Paco is no stranger to highly acclaimed restaurants having already earned a no-big-deal 4 Michelin stars in his two restaurants in Spain.


While Cinco serves culinary gastronomy, Casual is open for all meals. Breakfast in particular was a real treat with a great selection of Organic meats, cheeses and adaptations of egg based Classics. (You know how I feel about breakfast not being breakfast without Eggs…)


The Spa:

In keeping with the chic they have a very sleek spa complete with a 16-metre indoor pool with access to the terrace.

Then there is the Susanne Kaufmann Spa itself with three treatment rooms and just about every treatment.

As always, should you want to strain your muscles rather than rest them, then there is a Gym with a personal trainer.


I need to mention also the service and staff who are second to none. They are as knowledgable as they are professional and it is rare to have such an enthusiastic team and their delight to be there seems to be contagious!

At Das Stue, they employ the quote that “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable” by George Bernhard Shaw … and the world within these walls is one I personally cannot get enough of.

I will leave you with the words I left them with when I left… I cant wait to go back…

Das Stue – Drakestraße 1, 10787 Berlin, Germany