Blue Marlin Ibiza – Ibiza, Spain

There is something about this place that is so cool that it cant be replicated. If Blue Marlin was a woman, she’d be Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street.

The thing about Ibiza is that it makes you (me) demanding. I want azure mediterranean views, I want a constant party vibe and I want to eat my wagyu beef while watching Axwell perform 2 metres from my table and then get a day bed afterwards! Too demanding? Not here… I give you the fabulous Blue Marlin in Ibiza.

Blue Marlin External Image by Gin and Bone


Blue Marlin Ibiza

The Food:

To start, the Tiger prawns in tempura with sweet chili sauce and red curry mayonnaise. For me, you can almost never go wrong with a tempura prawn, but these are really good with a hint of chili heat in the batter.

Also the Burrata with tomato, zucchini flower, Wagyu ham and fresh basil. When it comes to burrata, I am pretty picky. Either they are exceptional or they taste like they have come straight from the udder and never in between. In this instance, it was delicious with a rich, decadent flavour.

Salmon Sashimi is a common feature at most beach clubs in Ibiza and theirs is stand out as it has both lean fillet and fatty salmon belly sashimi.

Also, it goes without saying that a Soft shell crab roll will always have my vote and theirs is fab with avocado, cucumber, tobiko, chives and a little extra gentle hit of spice grill jalapelio mayo spice.


The Nicoise Salad with artichokes, pink tuna, kenia beans, potatoes, fennel, quail eggs and black olives. “A Salad?!” you say? Other than my not so secret hatred of fennel, this was large enough to fill you up, but light enough to still allow you to strut around in barely-there beach-wear teamed with blue marlin appropriate high heels on the beach… Should that be your vibe.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad - Image Gin and Bone

Next up was the Bluefin tuna loin with white soy dressing. For those of you (me) who are never that bowled over by seared tuna alone, this comes with a super chic and pretty punchy homemade spicy seaweed salad. Think less Castaway and more Cast of KUWTK.

Served with Chickpea salad, with yogurt tahini dressing, purple carrots, radishes, parsley and lemon. A little turkish health hit complete with my new favourite on trend garnish… radish.  Now I have said it, you will see it EVERYWHERE.

As mentioned, I am no newbie to Blue Marlin’s around the world, and so I need to give a serious mention to some of the dishes from my mental highlight reel.

The Spanish chilli lobster spaghetti. Why? If you have to ask, you’re in the wrong place. Scrap that, if you have to ask, then don’t event talk to me. A friend of mine talks about this dish throughout the year and would put it in her desert island picnic basket. (I mean, clearly her desert island picnic basket is from Fortnum & Mason but still)

Spanish Chilli Lobster Spaghetti

Also the Grilled octopus with yellow pepper emulsion and lemon leaves and the Wagyu beef with home made mustard and sweet onions. Stupidly delicious…


The lemon meringue. I should add as a caveat that I LOVE lemon meringue pie. It is the unappreciated star of the cake world. The Michelle of Destiny’s child if you will.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Lemon Merigue Pie - Image Gin and Bone

The Booze:

We had a fab bottle of Mirival Rosé over lunch and then some cocktails. Being a straight up G&T girl, I am a little bit of a stickler with cocktails and so the Elyx Sunset Mule is always my go to. Absolut Elyx vodka, ginger & lemon syrup, fresh guava, lime juice, ginger beer, aromatic bitters

Otherwise, another hit was the Bésame Mucho which is Grey Goose vodka, Aperol, lime juice, sugar, fresh peach, Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial. Also, frankly it’s just fun to say.

Blue Marlin Ibiza - Elyx Vodka Cocktail - Image Gin and Bone

So, what do you do after a huge balearic meal? Obviously you either hit the day beds or the bar area. This place turns quickly from balearic brunch to booze and beats chic with world famous DJ’s playing all day, every day. Then stick it out until the evening sessions start.

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that the Blue Marlin has had my heart for quite a while now. After this latest jaunt, it seems like it’s a concrete commitment for me. Lucky for you, I am not the jealous type…