Kirini Hotel: My Mykonos Retreat – Mykonos, Greece

So, everyone knows the Idyllic paradise version of Mykonos, right?…. Bright Azure waters cascading below pure, bright white, rustically curved buildings with a cloudless blue sky that plays host to a perfect sun in the day and a perfect sunset in the night… aka… The movie version.

…. Except, without sounding like the crescendo moment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding… This, oi Fíloi mou (my friends)… is exactly like the idyllic movie version of Mykonos.

As a side note, I am pretty confident that someone based the Greek flag on the only two colours that will paint your periphery while in Mykonos. I mean, I have zero proof to substantiate this, but it seems likely.

Recognise this place? If the answer is yes, it is either from your (and my own) dreams or because it was the dreamy vay-cay spot for the Kardashians in a previous season (Don’t ask me which season)..

Why did they choose here? Well apart from the fact that it is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels on the island, it is also incredibly secluded, private and difficult for anyone outside to see in. Cheers.

The decor is 100% in keeping with with Mykonian villa chic and although it has 2 bars, a restaurant and a spa, it is still very much boutique with only 13 rooms and little hidden lounge areas.

In other news, they greet all guests with a little tipple from their in house juice bar. In my case it was a mojito-esque lemonade. Although, non alcoholic because, well because you can’t have everything.

The Rooms: 

The suites/junior suites all have private little outdoor lounge areas for post sunbathing cool downs, secluded cocktails and private plate smashing (this one is frowned upon though) and are all designed slightly differently in character.

It is important to remember that this hotel was once 3 private villas and so the rooms are not as large as they would be in a purpose built hotel resort. That said, I actually think it added to the feeling that you were in fact in a private villa and very much your own space. If the rooms were larger, it would probably loose that whole grecian villa character.

Kirini My Mykonos Retreat

Kirini My Mykonos Retreat

What I am saying is that this is what I call rustic/tradtional luxury with natural colours, woods and decor.

If you are looking for the Dubai style of suites with a TV in the jacuzzi, a personal champagne fridge with built-in Spotify playlist and a grand piano (that no-one other than Richard Gere in Pretty Woman has ever played in real life), then frankly you will not find it here. If however you are looking for a pristine white grecian daydream… this is so your vibe.

The Food:

As you well know, breakfast is never as much of an a.m. necessity to me as the coffee it comes with but their a la carte menu was pretty fab. Eggs every way served with local sausages (feel free to show off by correctly calling them Loukaniko – you are welcome) and masses of feta, tomatoes, bacon. Oh, and there was also continental breakfast as a standard but anyone who stops at a croissant  and pain au chocolat in Greece should probably have a word with themselves.

They do food all day at Anthos restaurant (it means blossom) and serve a mixture of local and worldwide dishes (Don’t even talk to me if you go to Mykonos and don’t have a greek salad & some Halloumi). They also have little snacks that are nice to pick at in between sunbathing sessions.

No judgement here please, but I am personally a fan of a mid afternoon “It’s too hot” calamari and caesar salad break, but thats just me. Yes, I know these are not technically “snacks” but a girl has got to eat.

The Spa: 

Mykonos is seriously beautiful and equally mountainous… So, you will inevitably spend a lot of your time walking around working off the huge amounts of Kleftico that you have eaten. Should you need to give your tired legs a little extra attention, then you can always bag yourself a massage at their in hotel spa which offers a whole host of different treatments… Well, it would be rude not to.

A special mention needs to go to the staff there who were spectacularly attentive. They made the entire experience wonderful in their “Nothing is too much trouble” ethos and their efficiency in everything. This worked particularly well for me in my last minute, spontaneous whim decision to hire a car for 2 days in an island that has only 25 taxis… Yes 25. That is accurate… I mean, I know.

The Atmos: 

This place is luxurious chill out perfection, which by day is like a relaxed Grecian gazing dream… If you have sugar-wired kids that need a go cart track and a water slide to stop them bouncing off the walls… Take them elsewhere… I mean, please take them elsewhere…

By night, it is perfect for some wind-down cocktails or just watch the sunset with a caipirinha (which was excellent) in your hand while listening to what I can only assume was the “Best of chill out sunsets” on the speakers.

The place is created almost entirely for viewing the multi-coloured sky and looking off wistfully into the distance as if you are thinking about something intensely meaningful (even if you are actually thinking about Baklava).

Greek or not, I don’t even need to use ancestral bias here. This place is an insta-dream, travel inspiration catalogue and has completely won my affections.  See you next year glykiá mou!

Kirini, My Mykonos Retreat – Aleomandra, Mykonos, 846 00

Tel:  +30 2289079187