Yauatcha City – London

Yauatcha… You will know it for its Michelin star dining, Its award winning Dim Sum and its incredibly cool dinner scene…

You may not know however, that on a Saturday, Yauatcha City do one hell of a brunch menu. Also known as “Supreme Saturdays”. Believe me,  this is not false advertising on their part…

FYI, Yauatcha has no literal meaning, but it is made up of three words – Yau is the surname of founder, i.e Alan Yau, ‘at’ and Cha means tea.

The Booze:

The food is served with half a bottle of wine each but prior, you have the option of Negroni, Lychee  Martinis or Thea Martinis.

hakkasan.yauatcha.08.2015-28.high resolution

I went for the Thea martini. I foolishly assumed that because it was the Greek word for “Auntie” that it would be mild, gentle and like all aunties, give you more sugar than any other drink would allow unnoticed.

However, after one sip, I realised which auntie of mine this was… it was the no nonsense, sit up and pay attention auntie.

I literally loved this drink and I may have tried to replicate this myself later that night (unsuccessfully I might add). My attempt was more like the auntie that you see at a wedding once every 6 years and forget straight after.

hakkasan.yauatcha.08.2015-30.high resolution

After the food, you can have either a Manhattan, an Amaretto sour or an Espresso martini. Much like mains, it is important to keep a friend on hand who likes similar cocktails so you don’t have to choose between them. The ami sour was exactly how I would order mine and the Espresso Martini has the exact amount of Khalua that I like… Sweet enough that you are not just drinking a booze coffee.

The Food:

I mean, where to start? This is serious business and I don’t think I was mentally prepared for the amount I would need to pace myself for.

The Dim Sum … People tend to think that DimSum are all shell fish and sea dwellers. They would be wrong. These were some of the best I have had and included Steamed Dim Sum Platter of Pork and prawn shui mai, a sensational Black pepper and wagyu beef dumpling, Crystal dumpling wrap with pumpkin with pine nut and Wild mushroom dumpling. 

Photo 21-11-2015 13 33 06

Then, they also had a Fried Dim Sum platter of Mushroom spring roll, the Lobster roll and wonderful Sesame prawn toast.

Also one that deserves its own paragraph…. The Venison puff, which is like warm comfort in a brioche-level-sweet style pastry. believe me, you will thank me later. You are welcome.

hakkasan.yauatcha.08.2015-4.high resolution

After this, things get more serious with the choice of  Foie gras diced beef, Truffle pork belly rib or Lobster vermicelli pot. 

Tough contest for me with the Beef and the Pork, but this is testament to why you bring friends. So you can convince them to get the other.

The pork was the winner for me with a sticky more-ish glaze and little mushrooms.

The beef has a peppery rich foie gras flavour and luckily is served with some Chinese vegetables so you can feel less guilty with a little superfood hit.

hakkasan.yauatcha.08.2015-7.high resolutionhakkasan.yauatcha.08.2015-11.high resolution

The Desserts:

Now, this deserves its own spotlight. They are famed for their macarons, petits gateaux, chocolates and gateaux and it is pretty easy to see why. Because they look like beautiful harrods paper weights….

The Raspberry Delice (raspberry, Madirofolo chocolate, lychee) is their best seller.

hakkasan.yauatcha.08.2015-35-2.high resolution

Never one to go with the odds on favourite, I went for the Lemon Tart (Lemon curd, sesame cremeux, Matcha crème, meringue). This was insanely good and as someone who likes lemon meringue, this was a contender for top spot in my rankings.

Photo 21-11-2015 14 47 22 (1)

We also had the Malted milk (milk chocolate, malt, caramelised honey, Anzac biscuit).

Truthfully, you could point blindfolded and be guaranteed to come out with something amazing.

Photo 23-11-2015 14 43 16

I would 100% recommend this for anyone who loves a brunch as much as I do and I plan to make my way through each of the cocktails and cakes over the coming months.

Whatever you do, bring your comfortable skinny jeans and cancel your plans for later on… You’ll be in no way energetic…


Yauatcha City – 1 Broadgate Cir, London EC2M 2QS